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Mezcal Espadín - Distilled with Lemongrass

Mezcal Espadín - Distilled with Lemongrass

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Experience the unique fusion of flavors with Eléctrico Mezcal Espadín - Distilled with Lemongrass and harvested only from our Maestro Cirino's hidden grove outside San Baltazar Guelavila, Mexico. Our mezcal offers a refreshing, citrus-forward nose with a hint of sweet nectar. With a palate that evolves and lingers, this 44% ABV spirit is a must-try for any mezcal lover.

Nose: Seductively aromatic and refreshing, mingling lemon oils, new-mown grass, and the sweet nectar of freshly cut maguey.

Palate: Citrus-fresh yet seductively sweet; it bites your lip and then kisses your tongue with a lasting flavor evolution.

44% ABV

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