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Mezcal Jabalí - Matured 3-Years

Mezcal Jabalí - Matured 3-Years

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(Rare – Limited Edition)

Most mezcaleros find it too challenging to distill from the awkward and wild Jabalí maguey. However, we love a challenge because we love the flavor, so five times, distilled and over three years in glass makes our most cherished mezcal.  

Rare, rewarding, and reassuringly expensive, it is little wonder our Maestro Cirino’s signature appears on the bottle.

Nose: An exotic, seductive, and unique depth of flavor. An aromatic fusion of earth, wood, grass, herbs, eucalyptus: a wild, unforgiving but deeply satisfying landscape.

Palate: Smoked pepper, green apple, pineapple, manuka honey, and mineral notes mingle and explode on your tongue, leaving a smooth, clean, lingering finish of grass and sweetness.

APV 45%

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